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Scores of the Synodal Cathedral Choral Library

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Menaion Index

Select a Menaion Month:
01-Aug-05  September
01-Aug-05  October
01-Aug-05  November
01-Aug-05 December
06-Feb-08  January

25-Jan-04  February

03-Apr-03  March

30-Jun-05  April

 29-May-07 May

13-Jun-07  June

22-Jul-09   July

30-Jun-05  August

Please note the default file name structure used for Menaion Troparia/Kontakia. We recommend that you use the same file names if you intend to create your own library, because this structure will allow you to keep all of them in one folder and to find any desired file easily.
The file name structure is as follows: 
mmdd-c-xy.pdf, where
mm = Month of commemoration.
dd = Day of commemoration.
c = Counter for multiple commemorations on the same day, in Menaion order.
x = Tone (1-8) of the Troparion; a zero indicates no Troparion exists.
y = Tone (1-8) of the Kontakion; a zero indicates no Kontakion exists.
.pdf = Standard Abode Acrobat extension

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